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HUZZAH! The Antemasque album is even more delicious than I anticipated! XD   1

mrs_leroy_brown 22 Jul 2014

More new music, this time being the debut single from Antemasque, a band comprised of some of The Mars Volta's alumni along with Flea from the RHCPs. I'm really enjoying the math-rock-meets-surf-rock vibe I'm getting from this. I'm looking forward to what else the band decides to put out next.

Enish 10 Apr 2014

New project by The Mars Volta components! Antemasque - 4AM

edokoa 10 Apr 2014

They're back!

ritaleena_perez 10 Apr 2014

Cedric and Omar are back, with Flea in tow. And this is a great way to kick things off. "Watching, waiting. Black and white surveillance."

PeteRogers 9 Apr 2014

TMV + Flea.

fryedrycestyle 14 Nov 2014