Normal Person by Arcade Fire

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Almost everyone has a coming-of-age band. You know, that one band that speaks to the very essence of your life experience; whose every lyric echoes the substance of your innermost thoughts and every note resonates with the rhythm of your soul. Lol, yeah...that's Arcade Fire for me. And I get to see them LIVE. Tomorrow!!!

marykmacin 25 Aug 2014

Music to decorate by, it's what us normal people do!   2

jonjonjohnny 24 Apr 2014

look at those normals go

joncaffiend 7 Apr 2015

Is anything as strange as a normal person?

Winsord 5 Aug 2015

Possibly my favorite track off their new album, such a good little earworm.   3

singaboutlove 13 Nov 2013

Great new track from The Reflektors there. Love that guitar lick that runs through.

isajward919 2 Nov 2013