Reflektor by Arcade Fire


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New Music: This is what you get when you mix Arcade Fire with James Murphy and add David Bowie on backing vocals, and it is AMAZING. #newmusic   3

CallumPetch 12 Sep 2013

NEW ARCADE FIRE! I am very ready for this...

riath 5 Sep 2013

Wow! The latest from Arcade Fire (+ James Murphy + David Bowie) accounts for 5% of all activity on Jam today.   2

TeamJamPicks 10 Sep 2013

One of the best bands I have ever seen live. Can't wait for the album.   3

DawnLouiseSimp 11 Sep 2013

GGrrr Couldn't link the video! Here it is   5

jaxxon 9 Sep 2013

I would have jammed this earlier, but I questioned my instantaneous love for this single. It has been several days and many, many more listens since its release, and I am glad to say that my love for it has only grown. A+. #ArcadeFire #JamesMurphy #DavidBowie   9

rvleonard 14 Sep 2013