I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

“"I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I will never rust"”

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"I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I will never rust"

jonathanapples 3 Nov 2013

Let me be your teddy bear, take me with you anywhere.

almightyj 12 Aug 2015

Kind of pining for a girl atm, so I keep listening to her favourite music and songs that remind me of her. Kind of pathetic, but it's fun while it lasts.

simoncollins 30 Dec 2014

About three weeks in and I still am listening to this album obsessively.   2

silvershroud 1 Oct 2013

Aww, so romantic. Free album stream on iTunes at po.st/iTunesAM, and you'll find me in the record store next Monday!

nassia 4 Sep 2013

John Cooper Clarke meets the Arctic Monkeys. Lovely combination...

jimmym 4 Jul 2015