Picture Me Gone by Ariel Pink

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Full review at http://www.therealmusic.net/ariel-pink-pom-pom/   2

therealmusicnet 1 Dec 2014

Maybe my favourite song of the year.

joe_stone 18 Dec 2014

Complete with spooky video, well worth a listen.

Olimite 11 Nov 2014

New post on our review of the year (and a 12 song playlist to go with it). The good, the funky and the funny that we will remember from 2014. http://www.musicvideosdeconstructed.com/2015/01/02/the-mvd-review-of-the-year/ Enjoy! :)   4

MVD 2 Jan 2015

Creepy but compelling video from the new album Pom Pom. Am still determining my fave albums of 2014, but can say for definite Under the Skin is my no1.   38

AlicejustMay 6 Jan 2015

lyric lulz: I backed up all my pictures on my iCloud so you can't see me when I die I left my body somewhere down in Mexico Give "Find My iPhone" app a try

stevesteb 2 Dec 2014