Put Your Number In My Phone by Ariel Pink

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This and Round and Round have been stuck in my head. Ariel Pink ('s Haunted Graffiti) is a bit weird, and not necessarily always something I like, but they can definitely be good-weird, and this one isn't even all that strange.

Ralon17 15 Jan 2015

New record is 'out there'. And it's not crystal clear pop as this song is, but it's crazy, weird and out of place just as Ariel Pink record should be.

doqtor 23 Oct 2014

Wanted to Jam 'Not Enough Violence' from the same album but this'll do. So much going on in this album what a great mind.

abner07 4 Dec 2014

New Ariel Pink, without the Haunted Graffiti, but still amazing   2

pabloldias 9 Sep 2014

#13 in My Top Twenty #Bestof2014 . From the album "pom pom".   8

Axol 30 Nov 2014