Formed a Band by Art Brut

“TOP! MON! (Jamaican accent)”

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TOP! MON! (Jamaican accent)

isajward919 6 Jan 2014

2004. Autobiographically, this is what I was listening to back in 2004. Still very fond of it.   2

Ewan_M 27 Apr 2012

I went to Art Brut's 10th anniversary gig this week. Haven't really kept up with their recent progress but this still sounds fantastic.

Owlsoup 31 May 2013

"And yes, this is my singing voice. It's not irony. It's not rock and roll. I'm just talking TO THE KIDS."

dylan.todd 1 Oct 2014

my past is my business

tambourine 10 May 2014

"Honey pie, I don't know when it started,stop buying your albums from the supermarket". Still tickles me, all these years later.

AnneHaddy 16 Sep 2014