Moments in Love by Art of Noise


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but IFTFOM was first  

Loved this piece of music from the first time I heard it...Early 80's

Look4Keren 28 Aug 2014

Had this in my head as I was drifting off to sleep last night.   13

abigail.deeks 9 Oct 2013

You might not know this classic, but you've heard it. It's been sampled by Nas, Drake, Lil Wayne, . It's the hook in LL Cool J's breakthrough hit "I Need Love." Madonna walked down the aisle to marry Sean Penn to it. DJ's still use it in mixes.

Mercurywaxing 13 Sep 2015

Not sure I'd actually ever seen the video. Lovely little slice of the 80s.   1

immlass 3 Jul 2014

Love this so much...

onelovepictures 12 Jul 2014

Music for making.   11

IFTFOM 8 Dec 2011