This Is How We Walk on the Moon by Arthur Russell

“Because every step is moving me up.”

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Because every step is moving me up.

AlabasterC 6 Feb 2013

Dedicated to the the first human being to walk on the surface of the moon. R.I.P. Neil Armstrong.

YACHT 25 Aug 2012

reminded of this treasure by a jam containing samples from it -- arthur russell, quite something   4

solveigo 19 Feb 2012

This is a song I constantly return to, and this week it came back in a big way. At some point everyone craves to hear a song, at a particular moment, so for the most part we ended up reliving it in our heads. The opening strings of this, and Arthur's voice, is just a little bit magical.

nd_kane 27 Sep 2014

This music makes me feel wonder and awe.   1

lucas_gonze 21 Jun 2013

With terrific originality and Acne Vulgaris scars worse than Charles Bukowski what more could you want!   27

spook_school 3 Aug 2012