Torrent by Asgeir


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8. Top Ten CD's of 2014. Sure there must be something special in the water in Iceland?   3

markwakeley 6 Dec 2014

Thanks to Tom Ravenscroft on 6 Music for introducing me to this.

teresabee 13 Oct 2013

From Iceland, always interesting.   5

kompani101 12 Mar 2014

easy contender for best song of the year

ejhumphrey 5 Nov 2014

Reminds me of Bon Iver. Loving this album!   2

beegeeavl 11 Mar 2014

Can't wait for tomorrow and this crazy week of wonderful album releases ! But I want to jam Asgeir again because his LP "In the silence" really deserves to be noticed in 2014 too. (and he's only 22!)   4

MyBlueElephant 23 Feb 2014