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Real country music from Ashley's fine new album "Like A Rose"

brendancooke574 10 Sep 2013

A new name to me, but wonderful traditional country, and a great song. Click to see the video.

DavidHughes 11 Jun 2013

Country guilty pleasure.....

BradDesmond 9 Jan 2014

I love her.

mererog 1 May 2014

I love a song that sounds as fresh popping up in the iPlayer as it did when first heard. Not sure what's happening/happened to Ashley but still love this song.   1

DavidHughes 29 Aug 2014

Yeah I've got some dents and bruises I've been dropped and there's a scar where my heart has been broke before, but in the end I'll be worth a whole lot more

KristinMacD 31 Dec 2013