Arcarsenal by At the Drive-In

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At The Drive In are wonderfully offbeat and energetic without sounding contrived. Varying time signatures, speeds, and vocal styles make this music stand out to me as a mainstay of early 2000's rock, and establish At the Drive In as one of the progenitors of post-hardcore.   2

saucecontrol 4 Aug 2013

At The Drive-In, one of the greatest bands ever. "I'd really like to meet him."

tylermartin 23 Jan 2015

what better after a hectic week than some At the Drive-In?   3

decompiler 3 Sep 2014

I must have read a thousand faces / I must have robbed them of their cause

jebreject 17 Dec 2014

The pure beauty of cacophony.

KalaniPerry 2 May 2015

this makes me feel alive this!

nessie420 13 Jan 2012