Daa Nyinaa by Ata Kak

“Awesome Tapes From Africa, though...”

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Awesome Tapes From Africa, though...   1

CanaanLane 3 Mar 2015

Discovered while flipping through stacks at Euclid Records in the Bywater, New Orleans

odog4life 31 Mar 2015

Just found out awesome tapes from africa are re-releasing the album this gem is from on cd, vinyl and cassette! As someone who likes holding stuff and looking at pictures I find this quite exciting. Out Match 5th. 1994

desbotado 25 Feb 2015

fantastic hip-house-electro-funk from cassette tape, from Ghana, by Ata Kak... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7uHLJOsU_4

undisco 2 Mar 2015

this was one of my favorite random internet finds ever, via awesometapes.com back in the day   7

vorbis 8 Nov 2012

My kinda line dancin' :-)

theeequaliser 4 May 2015