Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

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A tough World Cup exit for the USA at the hands of Belgium on Tuesday. I researched Belgian music for this week's tune, fully expecting to make everyone feel better by scoffing at the paucity of Belgian musical talent. And to be fair, it is a pretty shallow talent pool. However, three notable exceptions: 1. Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, instrument of seduction for mullet-haired 80s pop stars 2. Django Reinhardt, legendary jazz guitarist despite losing the use of several fingers in a trailer fire when he was a boy 3. And this I wasn't expecting…   1

matthewq 3 Jul 2014

Happy New Year, fellow jammers! This is pretty much my first addicted song of 2014. It's just so sublime <3   2

Lovely_Rose 1 Jan 2014

#FilmJam, #AtTheMovies.  A song covered by many, but Audrey's version was never surpassed.   4

aldusd 5 Jan 2015

I JAMMED THIS BEFORE..but i feel in a nice mood,it makes me happy   17

lynn200 28 Apr 2013

#womensweek Though she is best known around the world for her acting and her remarkable beauty, there was a lot more to Audrey Hepburn. UNICEF ambassador, ballet dancer and occasional courier for the Dutch resistance in World War II, she spoke five languages, won numerous awards and delivered this beautiful - possibly definitive - rendition of Moon River.   6

crawtonleek 11 Mar 2014

1961 - Written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer

The1960s 3 Dec 2013