Basscadet by Autechre

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Incunabula is 20.   1

jamesholloway 18 Dec 2013

Autechre released their debut album, Incunabula, on Warp twenty years ago. I certainly didn't realise when I bought it back then that I'd just stumbled upon the band that, more than any other, would become the corner stone of my music collection. Basscadet, taken from the album, was released as an EP, with remixes from Beaumont Hannant, Seefeel and Autechre themselves, the year after. And it all still sounds rather fresh and beautiful now, wouldn't you say?   2

themilkman 3 Dec 2013

Enough of this Daft Punk fan boy rubbish. I take the future over the past.   4

IanWatoop 21 May 2013

Nearly 20 years old, but still sounds as mechanically futuristic as a replicant's favourite disco track.

PublicBenjamin 1 May 2012

Takes me back... The Warehouse in Derby... Ambient night... simple times.

timpsk 11 Oct 2013

20 years old now!   2

wgkerr 11 Aug 2013