Terrorbird by Author & Punisher

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In two weeks time I'll be in Chicago for Cold Waves III. So, for the days before I head out, I'll be covering a band a day here that are playing. Starting with Author & Punisher, who makes an amazing industrial-noise-doom hybrid and has an intriguing self-made stage set-up that has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

asw909 13 Sep 2014

Last gig of the week tonight: I suspect this is going to be loud.

asw909 12 May 2013

Look up some live clips, may surprise you a little performance wise...

woodman22 21 Mar 2013

caution: simulated exploding r.crow (!)   4

bentomn 30 Apr 2013

In an A&P mood this week. Tristan Shone FTW. XX

thatAMENkid 11 Aug 2014