Levels by Avicii

“Levels is Avicii's tribute to Etta James http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levels_(Avicii_song)”

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Levels is Avicii's tribute to Etta James http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levels_(Avicii_song)

andersmansson 14 Oct 2012

Bo12: Truly great is Avicii and this live performance of Levels. 2012 featured a release of remixes of this one cut and they are all great. Check it out!

restless941 21 Dec 2013

Actually don't give a shit, this is a genius pop song.

joedge 26 Oct 2013


sanjaykarrolla 14 Feb 2014

i know this song is not good. but thanks to twice-weekly 7am Pilates, it's now stuck in my head and i love it.   5

cacao 7 May 2012

There is no track that makes me feel as happy, brings back as many memories and gets me going as much as Avicii's Levels.The EXTERNAL jam.

jamieedwardlee 8 Jun 2014