Gimme A Chance by Azealia Banks


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Rude rapping over a live band track with time signature changes and a catchy hook. And she's pretty hot.

50n0f508 4 Jul 2014

New Music: Put me down as a firm member of the "this was absolutely worth the wait!" camp. #newmusic   1

CallumPetch 12 Nov 2014

I'm not a particularly big fan of rap in general (aside from Eminem), but Azealia Banks has proven herself to be a great performer; from her shockingly graphic 212 to her Spanish Gimme a Chance. She's entered onto my favourite rappers list, which isn't long but is prestigious. Really loving Broke with Expensive Taste!   1

MattyD123 18 Jan 2015

WUT. So dope.

joelcalahan 19 Nov 2014

Digesting the new Azealia Banks album. Not sure what I think of the tracks I didn't previously know (apart from the fact I strongly dislike Nude Beach A-Go-Go), but am seriously impressed with Banks' Spanish here.

flame_me_up 10 Nov 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: Banks goddamn delivered in 2014. After three years of endless "yeah, SURE that'll actually come out" waiting, "Broke With Expensive Taste" delivered on the talent, skill, flow, and promise that Azealia had shown all the way back in December of 2011 with "212". An utterly tremendous, if at times barely coherent, album that still has its hooks in me long after that initial "Holy crap, it's actually here!" feeling has worn off. Consequently, there were a tonne of contenders for a spot on my tracks countdown. In the end, though, I had to go with this one. The beat is infectious, Banks' flow is amazing, and the left-turn into the Cuban-influenced final third, complete with an effortless switch into Spanish lyrics, pushes it over the top. #bestof2014

CallumPetch 17 Jan 2015