Heavy Metal and Reflective by Azealia Banks

“BANGER! @AZEALIABANKS' Heavy Metal and Reflective. #BWET

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BANGER! @AZEALIABANKS' Heavy Metal and Reflective. #BWET

Deanways 10 Nov 2014

dat voice dat beat

eigenmotion 21 Aug 2014


calfette 27 Jul 2014

So, the biker gang has hijacked Azealia, and then made her watch this race in the middle of the desert. Totally plausible.

vuk 22 Jan 2015

Studio Bounce Jam: It's some sex shit, I be with that Betty, With that bubble and them breasts' I be looking very, Jiggle Jello in them dresses. I be with the pedi in the puddle reminiscing. I be with that! Azealia <3   2

beetleginny 20 Nov 2014