Lucille by B.B. King

“Sad way to start the day.   R.I.P  #BBKing  #Legend

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Sad way to start the day.   R.I.P  #BBKing  #Legend   3

Solmask 15 May 2015

this was one hell of a blues player what a great loss to the blues world

swampjones79 20 May 2015

Look out lucille!

tjehan 28 May 2012

A mortal legend just became immortal, so long as we remember. He kept the blues alive. Now it's up to us. Mourn if you must, but I prefer to think of a life lived as King had as a celebration. Sure he wasn't perfect, but he took the cards life dealt him and he played well. He reminds us you don't have to be perfect to be the best you that you can be. Much respect, kind sir. Mankind will treasure and preserve your legacy. The thrill is what you gave, and that is not gone from this Earth. Inside the blues, your beat goes on. Thank you.   10

ZachsMind 15 May 2015

Thank you for your music #BBKing   3

Catherine 15 May 2015