The Mexican by Babe Ruth


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moyenman 8 Oct 2013

Dreams of Santa Anna   1

stx 26 Jun 2013

Coming back at ya!

Doddy 6 Oct 2013

Heard this yesterday at La Bodega Negra, from the series "Shazam FTW". 2 years after the launch of their most celebrated tune, here's a great video of a live performance of Babe Ruth in Canada!

Parleone 20 Jan 2015

Been reading this book that's a bunch of interviews with influential djs, this one comes up a lot - Afrika Baambata and David Mancuso both mention this one and they must know a thing or two, killer breakbeat.

TomGeddes 12 Aug 2013

Kool Hercs favourite house rocker for #Cowboyweek . Go get 'em Chico!   1

Wildstyle77 4 Jun 2014