Hard Times (LP Version) by Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

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PopularAndy 29 May 2013

The #FunkyFriday of #GlumWeek has arrived at last and woe is Baby Huey. So, why is Mr. Huey feeling so #glum? Let me break it down for you: (1 - Like the Hulk, Mr. Baby Huey is hated and feared by all strangers and lesser mortals, in spite of a gentle, caring nature, and is forced to hide from society. Furthermore, (2 - He is routinely betrayed by 'friends' and compeers and to make matters worse, (3 - He describes a truly appalling diet, high in saturated fats and virtually devoid of vitamins and minerals. As you may know, a Vitamin B deficit affects proper neurological function and can contribute to a depressed mental state (it's science, people). And it was the arterial sclerosis that done him in so young, despite an exercise program of sorts (see below). That and a Vegas-sized buffet table's worth of pills and cocaine, but whatever...like Tim Maia, he was just too awesome to stay with us lesser mortals for too long. R.I.P., mighty one.   4

cagoldes 13 Sep 2013