Dancing On TV by Bad Veins

“Big fat wad of Bazooka bubblegum hooks.”

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Big fat wad of Bazooka bubblegum hooks.

cjacob 27 Apr 2012

I love you, but you don't love me, you love the people, dancing on T.V.

edlweiss1 14 May 2013

Get past the first minute - it is the real song!

steveoz 21 Apr 2013

Clippity clop, baby, it's a new video by Bad Veins!   1

StereoForBrains 10 Feb 2012

ThisIsMyJam was all, "It's been a week; this isn't your jam anymore, guy," and I'm all, "The Hell it isn't."

StereoForBrains 19 Feb 2012

I know, I know, I already posted this, but the album is out now and this song is still my jam, dammit.

StereoForBrains 26 Apr 2012