Baby Blue by Badfinger

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steveindisguise 30 Sep 2013

#drugsongs For better or worse this brilliant jam will forever be associated with Crystal Meth and the Breaking Bad closing sequence. There are so many "non-original" takes on this track (due to continued legal issues surrounding the band's recordings) - so I opted for this "true" original here with an audible needle drop at the outset! (clearly a second generation recording).   2

TragicBeauty 4 Apr 2015

Goodbye TIMJ, I'll miss you.   1

camdon 22 Sep 2015

In honor of Walt's public reappearance during the Super Bowl...

jag64551 2 Feb 2015

Apple, 1972 (Unreleased 45)

tedwilkinson 26 Apr 2015


PoBoy 27 Aug 2015