Waiting Game by Banks


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The start of this song gives me life. #banksisamazing

jacjo 8 Apr 2015

What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?   12

yrmonster 29 Jan 2014

This song has been popping up on my Spotify radio a lot....which is a very good thing...hauntingly good   5

christineb 8 Dec 2014

all of the chills

fitzsandoval 1 Mar 2015

Wow, just... WOW. / Another song I've fallen in love with is "White Lies" by Robin Loxley and Jay Hawke- check it out on Spotify! Unfortunately it's not available on YT.   5

HappyZebra 26 Oct 2013

From Jillian Banks' new EP, London, her first release.   4

Sylvestrian 15 Dec 2013