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The trip to #Australia is coming to an end. It's sad to say goodbye again. Four days ago to the #NZ team, and today to #Aussie crew. until next time.

aka20p 6 Jan 2015

stuck in my head as soon as I got to work, no idea why.

tokyotapes 6 Mar 2012

Because it is the BEST, obviously.

RobBritton 12 Feb 2014

Girls' names. Song 6. I've loved this since I first heard it back in the early 70s. I wouldn't necessarily choose to listen to a lot of Barry's stuff, but.....I think this is a great song, well sung. :-)   27

heatherrings 31 Jan 2014

You came and you gave without taking

sagardmni 19 Aug 2014

Because I'm easily influenced by the music in movies.   1

taratm 29 Mar 2015