All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus

“Oh to be the Cream”

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Oh to be the Cream

Yseson 25 May 2013

yeah, iirc i've posted this at LEAST 3 times before, but man, the circle of what pops in my head that's actually jammable via YT gets smaller and smaller it seems. "get up, eat jelly/sandwiches and barbed wire/squash every week into a day." still bums me out R doesn't think it's lyrically (and everything else) wonderful. "all we ever got was cold...oh to be the cream." he has actually jeered at that last line! WTF no it's great, it's perfect

ifjuly 26 Feb 2015

Hope you all got everything you wanted this Christmas!   1

thesunneversets 25 Dec 2012

oh to be the cream

wastedalgorithm 7 Feb 2015

"get up, eat jelly sandwich bars and barbed wire squash every week into a day" (xiu xiu's cover's great too)   3

ifjuly 21 Aug 2012

#meninmakeup   11

MadameZia 7 Feb 2015