On the Sea by Beach House

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This makes me swim inside a dream!

Goony 27 Dec 2012

Guys, I don't know what happened in 2012 and before that made me sleep on Beach House, but this song and this album... literally everything I ever want out of music. This track in particular is my favorite on the album and I think I've listened to it going to/from work maybe 50 times now and I absolutely can't get enough.

MasterDave 5 Sep 2014


gabbyjpg 26 Feb 2015

Out on the sea we'd be forgiven Our bodies stopped the spirit leaving Wouldn't you like to know how far you've got left to go?

eutonous 18 Dec 2014

woke up with it in my head, so now you all can be stuck with it too   1

heeeraldo 14 Nov 2013

I love this so much. I wish I could put the whole album (Bloom).

Goony 2 Mar 2015