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From my favourite album of last year. Stunning.

CallumPetch 14 Apr 2013

Can I believe in how the past is what will catch you

mariana_bloom 13 Apr 2014

Right next to Fear Fun and Lonerism, this is my favorite album of 2012.

amandahouck 6 Jan 2013

FAVORITE 2012 SONGS #17: Hard to pick the best song from "Bloom" but, hey, they all sound the same anyway.   1

joshhornik 14 Dec 2012

one of those nights.

eutonous 29 Dec 2014

Bo12: This video (and song) is like an Edward Hopper painting come to life in the 21st century. A soaring document on city life. Beach House is amazing.

restless941 4 Jan 2014