Blue Moon by Beck

“This song is amazing.”

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This song is amazing.

cd 6 Mar 2014

Way late to the Beck Morning Phase party, but after getting this album for Christmas I finally gave it a listen this past week. So good.   2

JasonNeel 28 Mar 2015

#MorningPhase is a beautiful new album by #Beck #LOVE :)   4

rvleonard 3 Mar 2014

Happy Friday Friends. When you see that big ol' Blue Moon up in the sky tonight, don't forget to make a wish! I've got mine picked out all ready. Don't tell or it won't come true. Cheers pals :)

jimleatherman 31 Jul 2015

Can't wait for this to be released!

emergentpattern 21 Jan 2014


EmmaSola 16 Jun 2015