Clap Hands by Beck

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Live with cutlery.   1

akemp 28 Nov 2012

Beck's gonna be back on SNL. Get hype!

NateNomm 13 Feb 2014

i don't give a fuck/just watch me dance

ThingInABook 12 Jun 2012

…and now for something completely different: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Beck. Not being, frankly, a devoted Beck’s fan, I really liked Sea Change, and now he’s just released Morning Phase, kinda similar, but different, acoustic and melancholic, one might say a bit monotonous, but consistent. And interesting. And I really like it.   4

homosporocarpus 27 Feb 2014

Just Vocals, a guitar, and a... Dinner table?? Okay then!!

andyphelan 13 Jun 2012