Cycle / Morning by Beck

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If you aren't listening to this, you ain't living. And if you aren't listening to this with the best possible speakers or headphones you can get your hands on, you ain't living right.

justinbhorton 15 Apr 2014

'It was just you and me this morning'. Let Beck's 'Cycle / Morning' wash over you.   2

sjohndavey 16 Sep 2014

Ok, it's 2 songs. But they need to be listened together. Just a heavenly moment.

Soals 13 Feb 2015

I keep going back to this album. One of my favorites for the year.

ryser2k 13 Oct 2014

I heard this playing in a record shop earlier this year and made an impulse purchase. I didn't realise it was Beck 'til I asked the shop assistant what was playing over the PA. Just lovely and Mojo's Album of the Year #BestOf2014   4

rocknrollisking 9 Dec 2014

Morning, the most perfect full album I have heard for a long time. Well done Beck.

martynriley23 26 Mar 2014