Debra by Beck

“Midnite Vultures is still the best Beck album”

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Midnite Vultures is still the best Beck album

citizenlowell 11 Feb 2015

The last track on this record is the best track on this record.   8

alsothings 1 Nov 2011

I want to get with you / And your sister / I think her name's Debra   7

kdd 23 May 2015

Never really listened to "Midnite Vultures" before last night, huge oversight on my part...   5

TBBYNH 11 Sep 2013

Serious Prince pastiche or unsubtle piss-take? I can't decide.

Paxster 14 Apr 2014

"I cold-step to you, with a fresh pack of gum."

jukevox 8 Jul 2015