Gamma Ray by Beck

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nicki.lever1 7 Feb 2012

Just watched that TODDLER, also known as Kanye West's reaction to Beck's Grammy win! How embarrassing for the 'singer-singer' who's made another dam fool of himself! I would say singer-songwriter's that can also play their own instruments are far more worthy of such awards. Someone put him, his daft wife back in their playpen! LOVE BECK x   2

Charlie_Farlie 11 Feb 2015

This was playing in Chili's today. It was weird to hear it like that.   4

inthefade 21 Sep 2012

I never listened to Modern Guilt when it came out, so I just listened to it and I love it.   2

AttackingToms 3 Aug 2014

Come on little gamma ray Standing in a hurricane   1

whobyfire 27 Sep 2013

Trying to hold, hold out for now, but with these ice caps melting down with the transistor sound and my Chevrolet Terra plane going 'round, 'round, 'round...

AndyJoe83 17 Jun 2015