The Golden Age by Beck

“Put your hands on the wheel Let the golden age begin”

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Put your hands on the wheel Let the golden age begin

callekid 28 May 2015

My Proper JAM!   3

BrianWalton 5 Oct 2012

For no other reason than this is a great song from a great album by a great artist.

nigelco75 2 Jun 2015

Been in love with Sea Change for a while now, this one I resonate with a lot. Makes me feel everything at all once yet at the same time it makes me think of nothing. Would be great listen while driving out in the middle of nowhere.

OhSweetNuthin 10 Dec 2013

"Fires at the roadside, Fires in the houses. The city has fallen, People run for their lives. And I can’t surrender And I can’t forget."

Aucald 28 Nov 2014

In celebration of Beck's super mellow, beautifully atmospheric break up album's 10th anniversary today.

sweeter 25 Sep 2012