Holiday by Bee Gees


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Because I'm now on holiday!!!!!! And I really like this song, you can't beat old Bee Gees (by which I mean pre-disco!)

bladencookes 8 Aug 2014

Goodbye Robin Gibb.

monkeynonymous 20 May 2012

Not much beats the Bee Gees in the sixtees. After me "Millions of eyes can see, yet why am I so blind?"

peterjlaw 30 Apr 2012

SHHhhh! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION ,,,ROLL EM. Texas got more than oil ya know Texas got soul Texas got Boz Scaggs

whodofthunkit 15 Sep 2012

Have to end my week of Disco Heroes with the inimitable Boz Scaggs. Camera! Action! Do it again!

RogueOwlet 16 Mar 2012

Forget the disco stuff...from the great Bee Gees 1st

chrisjrobertswi 9 Sep 2012