New York Mining Disaster 1941 by Bee Gees

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zodat 6 Oct 2014

Pre-disco Bee Gees is my great guilty pleasure nowadays.

rodneywilhite 7 Mar 2012

They had this available for karaoke at Sidekicks last weekend. Here's to working it out so I can sing it with Neil and Carey next time, fingers crossed!

rabbitroom 25 Feb 2014

Only an excerpt as Warners have banned the full version. Never mind - as we enter the dying weeks of TIMJ (and I often wondered how any money was made) here's a brilliant and appropriate disaster song!   1

DavidHughes 11 Aug 2015

RIP Robin. Another member falls from one of the greatest songwriting teams ever. Take those vitamins, Barry.   2

GameroSays 21 May 2012