Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees

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Got a new obsession about disco... This song's so goddamn addicting!   2

max21214 19 Jun 2012

I saw that @mloup has added "Disco Is Dead" to #aWeekOfDisco, which made me think of this one, and what might be a #MontyPython line: It's not dead, it just smells funny   3

al_got_rhythm 30 Aug 2013

I blame you for this Moriarty.

discofudge 15 Jan 2012


Merstzik 31 Aug 2014

The movie Saturday Night Fever came out in December of 1977 the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was probably the turning point of the Bee Gees' career. If I Can't Have You (which became a US no. 1 hit for Yvonne Elliman), was the B-Side of Stayin' Alive. Bee Gees singles off the soundtrack album that I remember are ...How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin' Alive , More Than a Woman and Night Fever. For nearly a year you could't turn on a radio without hearing one of the songs from that movie. They ranked high on the charts here in the US and won awards for their work. John Travolta was hot in the movie and tons of people tried to dance the way he did...he made it look so easy. The scary part for me looking oldest son Steven was Three & a half, he'll be Forty-one in June.   34

marissapicone 16 Jan 2015

Got sent this CD by someone - this is AWE-SOME! Get on board - there's a whole album of it

netdiscs 6 Feb 2015