I'm a Cuckoo by Belle and Sebastian

“Accidental nostalgia.”

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Accidental nostalgia.

katiemars 13 Aug 2013

I'm glad to see you, I had a funny dream, you were wearing funny shoes, you were going to a dance, you were dressed like a punk but you are too young to remember.

EleanorRoscuro 30 Nov 2014

I always thought of this as Belle & Sebastian's 'Go Your Own Way.'

dimitribly 22 Dec 2011

Well @bbctms if England win, or get any sort of result from this Test match, "I'm a Cuckoo".   4

jonjonjohnny 18 Jul 2015

Morning earworm.

alykat 10 Apr 2012

I've just realized that this is actually quite a sad song! Shocking, given for years it's been one of my favourite happily-bounce-along-to tunes. Ah well! Still a great tune!   6

hannacelina 31 Jan 2014