Nobody's Empire by Belle and Sebastian


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but electricpen was first  

Someone sang a song and I sang along 'cause I knew the words from my childhood.... Intellect, ambition - they fell away, and they locked me up for my own good...

GameroSays 11 Jun 2015

New Album   4

reeve_anthony 11 Jan 2015

(may or may not be an SNP anthem)

rrh 26 Jul 2015

Was I strong when you were wanting?

alan 23 Aug 2015

Must thank the lads over at for this, from their most recent podcast interview with Stuart Murdoch. First time I've bought a 'new' CD since Nick Lowe's The Old Magic. Loving this.   3

riddsteve 26 May 2015

Gonna watch them today :)

Warayu 18 Feb 2015