Alice Childress by Ben Folds Five


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@DinnQuavis would be rocking out with me.

CameronStanley 5 Apr 2013

I've essentially *just* found out that Ben Folds have songs beyond 'Brick', and almost all of them are better.   2

glancee 27 Mar 2012

Summer of '96. Browsing the shelves of the now long defunct Tower Records in Glasgow, I turned up a copy of Ben Folds eponymous album. I'd only recently read a great revue & had earmarked a wee purchase. 3 years before, I'd stumbled on to the eponymous (that word again) Grant Lee Buffalo album, which was a breath of fresh musical air. The BFF sound, albeit entirely different, had the same effect on me. It's a stunning debut. When the opportunity to see them live came a-calling, I leapt at the chance. King Tut's in Glasgow, is a small vibrant venue & it was full for Ben's visit. On a surprisingly warm Scottish summer evening, the trio blew the assembled masses away. The joy was palpable. I've never seen so many teeth at a gig. In fact, I recall that night so vividly, specifically because I've never since been at any event, where the overwhelming emotion was er, unconditional lurve. Remarkable thing, music. Anyway, this track sums the event up perfectly. Beautiful song, amazing night...   41

21schizoid 29 Apr 2015

Standing in line for a parking pass... Stuck in my head.

Greenb3rg 26 Aug 2013