Theme From Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann

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mloup 16 Feb 2015

I saw this film first when Paul Shrader brought a pre-release copy to the University of Michigan in 1975. Due to agreements with the producers we were, at the last minute, not permited to pay. So we saw the uncensored film (now lost), introduced by the screen writer, for free. From the opening credits, I knew it was something special. I have never watched a film the same old way since that night.

bobscheu 16 Oct 2014

The last word in film scores. Genius.

5lanky 13 Oct 2013

A second instrumental Jam in a row... I think that's a first for me.   2

lukeduggan2006 23 Mar 2013

Herrmann's haunting yet horrifying score for Taxi Driver. Romanticised noir has never been so beguiling...

ncplewis 25 Sep 2013

One of the greatest film soundtracks of the 20th Century created by one of the most gifted (and irascible) film score composers of all time. Have a wonderful weekend folks.   13

Bukowski 29 Aug 2014