Boyfriend by Best Coast


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but rocketships was first  

I just got @best_coast's Crazy for You on vinyl. The album is full of earworms, starting with the first track.

mosang 4 May 2014

West Coast holibobs soon, it's going to be so warm (not quite San Diego-warm, but still). #thewarmcoast

geospiza_fortis 23 Mar 2015

Feel ... summer ... slipping ... away. Also, adorable video.   2

timmuky 7 Sep 2014

A little different to usual, but this song's been in my head on and off for weeks now.   1

goldenbrown 13 Nov 2012

I'd love him to the very end but instead he's just a friend

whatjessicadid 8 Jul 2015

I miss California.

lacmusic 9 Oct 2012