Kangaroo by Big Star

“I came against/didn't say excuse/knew what I was doing.”

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I came against/didn't say excuse/knew what I was doing.   3

OnlySimonLucas 28 Jul 2015

First heard Jeff Buckley cover this song. Love it!

Weekrocker 14 Aug 2014

"Like Saint Joan, doing a cool jerk"

denmch 6 Sep 2014

Alex Chilton soldiered on with Big Star after the departure of Chris Bell to produce Third (alt. title: Sister Lovers), a ragged, worn and frayed affair, that still retained some of the tenderness and pop sensibilities of the previous Big Star material. The tone and mood is alternatively drunken fun and pure Tragic Beauty... sullen, sad, despondent. Kangaroo (along with Blue Moon and Holocaust) are prime examples of the latter.   7

TragicBeauty 10 Oct 2014

One of the greatest songs ever written, period.   2

twentyfourhours 26 Oct 2012

Just Classic

pdtathome 6 Apr 2012