Thank You Friends by Big Star


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Happy Thursday Friends

jimleatherman 20 Nov 2014

This is the best "bittersweet farewell" song ever. It's appropriate for both TIMJ ending and current events in my life.   18

Section42L 17 Aug 2015

#mylastjam With lots of people jumping over to other sites, I thought that would post my last jam and allow it a full week to percolate before the lights are turned off on the 26th. Lots of love to everyone on TIMJ who has ever commented on one of my jams or posted a jam that I've felt worth commenting on myself, in particular @kfarrnd, @simonp , @mloup, @BertrandRustles, @natyblooming, @21schizoid, @christineb, @MsSue, @psyclopstrees and, in the words of Pop Master, "to everyone that knows me". It's been quite the ride.   12

tomdwilly 18 Sep 2015

A jam that conveys that which I wish to say better than I myself ever could.

HeyRusty 13 Aug 2015

100th Jam! Also fitting as a host of musicians will be playing Big Star's Third at the Barbican on 28th May!   1

hindle4 4 May 2012

Thanks TT. You've been a plus for me.   1

CommodoreDave 29 Nov 2013