Thirteen by Big Star

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Tell him what we said about Paint It Black   3

katymayful 11 Mar 2013

If you love Big Star, I think you'll love this video. love=love   2

kdd 1 May 2014

Big Star is the sort of band that, when you hear them, you wish you'd found them sooner.   1

melvillean 31 Jan 2013

Been listening to #1 Record a lot over the last week. Just a great album. Enjoy.   16

fsohail 13 Jan 2014

Like all good love songs: short and sweet.

adamncopeland 9 Dec 2011

as TIMJ is close to shutting its doors I thought I'd post one of the most perfect songs ever recorded.. in the top 3 at least. In my insignificant opinion anyway.   2

condorave 21 Aug 2015