I Can't Write Left-Handed by Bill Withers


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mayfairtheatre 17 Nov 2014

think he's just a smooth jazzer? Think again, this is a hearbreakingly powerful bit of anti-war soul from Bill   2

trevelyanw 25 Apr 2013

Please remember what today is all about. Nearly 10 years and I still miss my friend. Sidebar: this song is powerful, incredibly dope. Bill Withers isn't just "Use Me" or "Ain't No Sunshine." His music is some of the best from the 70's. That is all.

manmadejams 26 May 2014

Always Remember. Never Forget. #VeteransDay

soulcruzer 12 Nov 2014

So I was going to have The Skints' 'Broken Hearted' as my Jam this week, but it's not linkable anywhere (it's on Spotify though). But Jon credited the brilliant chord progression on the bridge to Bill Withers. So this makes a very good substitute.

abscond 22 May 2014

On a rainy Friday night in 1972, Bill Withers played Carnegie Hall. This is a golden moment from that gig.

jonty 28 Nov 2011