Lean on Me by Bill Withers


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I have had some little speed bumps in my life lately and people have poured out with help and support. I dedicate this to all my friends. Let's keep paying it forward and never forget who held you when you needed it.

ambarbituate 10 Mar 2015

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone....   13

Steve_Marshall 12 Jan 2014

Very happy to hear Bill Withers is going into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year, though a little shocked he isn't already in there. I mean, he wrote "Lean on Me," which is not only one of the most indelible vocal melodies ever but also a perfectly performed, arranged and recorded piece of music with a timeless message. I can't imagine there was ever a time that song wasn't considered a standard. Of course that's not all he did -- you know you can't deny "Ain't No Sunshine" nor can you stand to not move your feet whenever you hear "Use Me." And I haven't even gotten to "Lovely Day," "Just the Two of Us" and "Grandma Hands" (aka the basis for "No Diggity"). That dude had an amazing run of creating classic songs. Unbelievable songwriter, great voice, and a positive influence on countless musicians.

mansquatch 17 Dec 2014


bootenhoven 8 Apr 2015

you can lean on me

guitarman 7 Nov 2014

A good song to start the new year on

ginamoreland 31 Dec 2014