Use Me by Bill Withers


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From the Old Grey Whistle Test. Which is probably one reason why it sounds so great.

ivaner 6 Dec 2011

I've made a differnt version of this my jam before (Liza Minelli's 1973 version) but I still can't get over this tune...

suddiraval 17 Feb 2015

♥ 1973 ♥ Bill Withers ♥ Soul Train ♥

J_Dub 7 Jul 2015

Congratulations to Bill Withers on his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction! This song is nasty!

DownWithDiaz 1 Jun 2015

I've become clavinet-obsessed. It's going to be clavinet day, every day.   4

Han 26 Jul 2012

❤   5

J_Dub 26 Feb 2013