Accident Waiting To Happen by Billy Bragg

“Great commie-pop. "You're a dedicated swallower of fascism..."”

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Great commie-pop. "You're a dedicated swallower of fascism..."

davidcard 14 Mar 2015

i really miss the 80s, i still had hope then

postcardged 4 Apr 2012

Cleaning out my "To Be Jammed" log. First heard this back in high school when I finally found someone to drive me to school, instead of taking the old yellow school bus. My friend driving exposed me to many new bands like Jesus Jones, Drivin' n Cryin', The Church, and this gentlemen. All on cassette no less...   1

kfarrnd 12 Aug 2015

Loving a bit of Billy Bragg this evening . . . Goodbye and good luck to all the promises you've broken, goodbye and good luck to all the rubbish that you've spoken. Your life has lost its dignity, its beauty and its passion You're an accident waiting to happen!!!!   37

lindatee 4 Dec 2013

Me and Billy, we were both young once.

Stegan 16 Nov 2012